Our Beliefs

Mount Auburn Church is a part of the Global Methodist Church (GMC). See all our beliefs as a Global Methodist Church below.

Core Confessions

The Global Methodist Church professes the Christian faith, established on the confession of Jesus as messiah, the Son of God, and resurrected Lord of heaven and earth.

All God's People

By virtue of its very name, the Global Methodist Church is a diverse church where all God’s people – whatever their color, culture, ethnicity, or nationality – are warmly welcomed to join with others to make disciples of Jesus Christ who worship passionately, love extravagantly, and witness boldly.

Women in Ministry

The Global Methodist Church celebrates and praises God for the gifts women bring to all levels of the church. There are no barriers to where they can serve in the church.

Methodist Distinctives

The Global Methodist Church is for all people who wish to join in a “methodical,” practical, and warm-hearted pursuit of loving God and serving others as Jesus’ disciples in the world.

Organizational Distinctive

The Global Methodist Church is a connection of the willing not the constrained. In short, there is no “trust clause” as there is in some other denominations stating that a local church merely holds property and assets in trust for a general church. Instead, local Global Methodist congregations own all of their property and assets in perpetuity.

Bishops Leadership

From apostolic times, certain ordained persons have been set apart and entrusted with the task of defending the Apostolic faith and overseeing and leading the church in its mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ and to spread scriptural holiness around the world. The role of a bishop is a sacred trust held for a defined period of time; it is not a lifelong office.

Joyful Discipleship

The Global Methodist Church believes people have a deep desire to know the truth, and to devote themselves to it wholeheartedly. Our Church believes Jesus is the Truth, and he calls us to be his disciples.

Accountable Discipleship

From its inception, the Methodist movement embraced the importance and power of small groups where people gave themselves over to accountable discipleship. The Global Methodist Church is strongly committed to recapturing this method for growing faithful disciples.

Missional Priorities

Biblical Teaching

We share with all people the whole counsel of God grounded in Scripture, and we advance the presence and fulfillment of the Kingdom of God in every part of the world and at all levels of societies and cultures.

Transformational Discipleship

We are intentional about making, developing, nurturing, and deploying disciples of Jesus Christ through small groups where each person is invited, challenged, supported, and held accountable in living lives that reflect the character and mission of Christ.


We are committed to seeing the life of Jesus reproduced in each person who chooses to follow him. Disciples are called to make disciples, who in turn make more disciples. And churches plant churches, that in turn plant new ones. Every disciple and every church is challenged to multiply disciples in God’s kingdom!

Ministry to All People

We are a movement called to serve others so they may know the grace and love of Jesus in their lives. We see the hurts that break the heart of God. Our hearts are broken too. We desire to be poured out so that others can experience the presence and power of God in their lives.

Global Partners

We are a global church recognizing and deploying the gifts and contributions of each part of the church, working as partners in the Gospel with equal voice and leadership. We intentionally connect churches from different regions of the world who develop mutually rewarding relationships to share the Gospel and to grow His Kingdom globally.


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Touch-A-Truck at Mount Auburn Church 2023 will be on Saturday, August 5th! Kids, come jump up in the driver’s seat of construction vehicles, public safety equipment, school buses, fire trucks, police cars & farming tractors! Also, kids can enjoy seeing remote control airplanes, robotics, and antique engines. Entry is FREE, but we ask that you bring a canned food item

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5-Day Club (VBS)

The 5-Day Club will replace our traditional VBS and take place from Monday, June 12 through Friday, June 16. We will have the club meetings in two locations each day (Independence Park and Summerfield Park) with a small team of people, and we will end with a large “rally” at Mount Auburn on the final Friday. Parents, you only need

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Friendship Circle

The Women’s Friendship Circle exists to create friendship among women in Mount Auburn Church. They meet the third Wednesday of every month at 6:30 pm at Noble Romans (on 135 in Center Grove area) and sometimes in each other’s homes. This group is for all women, old and young, retired and working, single or married, etc. To join us or

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