Benevolence & Family Assistance Ministry

At Mount Auburn, we believe in the power of community and the warmth that comes from extending a helping hand. Our commitment to serving others goes beyond the walls of our sanctuary, reaching into the very heart of our neighborhood. We understand that life’s journey may bring unexpected challenges, and we are here to offer support.

The United Way of Johnson County administers the “Charity Tracker” on behalf of participating agencies of the Charity Tracker Assistance Network, including Mount Auburn Church.

Charity Tracker is a shared computerized record keeping system that captures information about people experiencing need for emergency services.

Mount Auburn reviews applications for utility assistance only. In order for your application to be considered, you must meet the following criteria:

Frequently Asked Questions:

We do not offer assistance in any areas other than utilities.

No. Mount Auburn asks that applicants visit the church in-person to receive an application. 

Unfortunately, approval turnaround for this network hinders Mount Auburn’s ability to offer immediate assistance. Unless specified otherwise, assistance applications are evaluated most Thursdays at 9:00am; applications received after that time will be reviewed the following week.

Please visit Mount Auburn during operating business hours to receive a packet of local resources as well as a box of food to take home (food boxes are available one per family once per month.).

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