The Mount Auburn family continues our support of students with food anxieties by supplying them with weekend food at both Isom and Northeast Elementaries in Greenwood Schools for the 2022 – 2023 school year. Thanks to the Mount Auburn family for supporting this Benevolent Mission. Thanks to everyone who has been bringing in food items! The donations of food have been AWESOME! Also thanks to all those whom have donated monies to purchase food items. Isom Elementary has 40+ students and Northeast Elementary has 45+ students in their “Nutrition Clubs” who will need food for each weekend this school year. As the schoolyear nears the holidays, the number of students has increased. We are now supplying food to 85+ students per week.

This school year, the Mount Auburn Family has supplied food for 2315 individual bags. This comes out to be 4630 pounds or 2.315 tons of food that has been delivered to the students with food insecurities at both elementaries. WOW!

Also delivered to each school were children sized hats, gloves, & socks collected on the Angel Tree. Adult sized gloves and hats were delivered to KIC-IT, an organization that helps homeless students in Johnson County. This Benevolent Mission was sponsored by the Shalom Women’s Group.

Thanks for all you are doing, as individuals and as Life Groups, for this Mission project. The Counselors & Staff at both schools and Dr. Terry Terhune, Superintendent of Greenwood Schools, are very grateful for ALL we do for their students.

Thanks to Marge Patton, Libby Allen, Paula Anderson, Judy Shockley, John Thompson, Linda Alexa, and Donna & Mark Silvertooth for helping to bag the 180 individual student bags needed for the upcoming two weekends. With all their help, it took only 40 minutes to bag all the food.

You can help by supplying these food items:

· Cans of Spaghetti O’s or Ravioli
· Fruit cups
· Pudding cups
· Individual Mac & Cheese cups
· Fruit bars
· Granola Bars
· Individual Applesauce cups
· Individual cereal boxes

(No boxes of Mac & Cheese or fruit drinks)

Kathy Rice is helping to distribute bagged food to students in the Nutrition Club at Northeast.


Adopt-A-School Team ready for delivery!


Greenwood Superintendent, Dr. Terry Terhune (left), with construction workers and custodians as they help unload the packaged meals at Northeast Elementary School!
Kathy Rice is helping to distribute bagged food to students in the Nutrition Club at Northeast.

New Location for donations. A table has been placed in the hallway on the west side of the Courts between the Kitchen and Community Room doors. Donations may be placed on this table; signs will indicate where to place each item

The next date for bagging & delivery is on Monday, April 3 at 10:30 a.m. If you would like to help with bagging, please enter through the kitchen door #5. You may need to knock loudly if door is locked.

Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboard is BARE. Every week we need 90 of EACH item, especially Spaghetti O’s, Mac & Cheese, Pudding Cups, & Fruit Cups. Thank-you!

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Mark Mull via cellphone at (317) 319-2164

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