Leadership Council Minutes- Sept. 26, 2022

Leadership Council Minutes
Members Present: Rick Allison, Anne Atzinger, Valerie Blessing, Phil Brewer, Jeff Buck, Phil
Howard, Mark Rich, John Thompson, Melissa Truelove, Mark Weatherman, Mike Womack, Jeff

  1. Pastor Jeff opened the meeting with prayer and welcomed Mark Weatherman to the
    Leadership Council as an At Large Trafalgar member. Because Mark Weatherman is an
    elder and member of the conference, he cannot vote.
  2. Pastor Report
    • The pastor report highlighted the historic vote on September 11 and Pastor Jeff
    called on the Leadership Council to pray for the church and each other.
    • Pastor Jeff thanked the Leadership Council and the Discerning Task Force for all
    their hard work during this difficult time.
  3. Finance Update—August
    • The Stones Crossing Campus had a deficit of $(8,283) for the month and a deficit of
    $(29,724) year-to-date.
    • The Trafalgar Campus had a deficit of $(2,631) for the month and a deficit of $(17,400)
    • The Daycare had a deficit of $(19,000) for the month and net income of $14,319 yearto-date.
    • All bank accounts are at Citizens Bank in the Sweep Accounts.
    • The gas and electric bills have dramatically increased due to the increased cost per
    KWH and CCF.
    • All budgets have been turned in by staff for 2023.
    • Mark Rich requested a closure plan with resolution to the 25 items on the Church
    Check-Up Report. Jeff Wright will bring a plan to the October Leadership Council
  4. Daycare Grants
    a. Daycare Grant #1
    • All money has been spent and the grant is closed out.
    b. Daycare Grant #2
    • Only $560 has been spent.
    • Mark Rich requested a project/spending plan from the daycare for the October
    Leadership Council Meeting.
  5. 2023 Stewardship Campaign
    • The Stewardship Campaign packets will go out in mid-October. Melissa Truelove
    will meet with congregation members during October to confirm their areas of
    service and recruit for other volunteer opportunities.
    • Question was raised about why Trafalgar is not included in the Stewardship
    Campaign. Pastor Jeff will follow-up with Pastor Don.
  6. UMC Disaffiliation Action Plan
    • Mike Womack is working with the attorney and taking the lead on all items that
    need submitted to the Conference.
  7. GMC Readiness Plan
    • Once the minutes from the vote have been submitted to the GMC, Mike Womack
    will move forward with all necessary documents.
    • At the October meeting the Leadership Council will need to vote on reducing the
    minimum in the bank accounts to pay for the disaffiliation. The bank accounts can
    be replenished later by other means.
    • Pastor Jeff submitted documentation to retire from the UMC Conference at the
    end of November. He will then begin working for Mt. Auburn Church on
    December 1, 2022. He applied to have his ordination approved through the GMC.
    He is withdrawing his membership from the UMC and transferring it to the GMC.
    • December 4 will be the first Sunday to worship as the GMC and there will be a
    special Convening Worship Service at all campuses.
  8. Signage Branding and Expense
    • After much discussion on signage and branding, Pastor Jeff made a motion to use
    the name Mount (spelled out) Auburn Church and to move forward with updating
    the two electronic signs at both campuses. John Thompson seconded the motion
    which was unanimously approved.
  9. Policy Carryover to new Entity
    • John Thompson made a motion to continue usage of all current policies and
    procedures to the new corporation. Valerie Blessing seconded the motion which
    was unanimously approved.
  10. Approval of Bylaws for Articles of Incorporation
    • The decision was made to table the bylaws to the October meeting.
  11. Pastor Jeff closed the meeting with prayer.