Leadership Council Minutes- Sept. 12, 2022

Leadership Council Minutes
Special Leadership Council Meeting
Members Present: Anne Atzinger, Phil Brewer, Jeff Buck, Phil Howard, Mark Rich, John
Thompson, Melissa Truelove, Mike Womack and Jeff Wright

  1. Pastor Jeff opened the meeting with prayer.
  2. Approval of Church Conference Minutes and Church Meeting Minutes
    • The Church Conference Minutes were already reviewed, approved and
    submitted to Dr. Fulbright following the Church Conference.
    • The Church Meeting Minutes were reviewed and approved.
  3. Timeline/Action for Disaffiliation
    a. Key Milestones
    • Complete the Disaffiliation Information Form and return to parties listed
    within 5 business days of the Church Conference.
    • The Church must submit electronic and hard copies of the 8 required
    documents (listed on the Disaffiliation Process Document provided by Phil
    Howard) to the Conference Chancellor by October 14.
    • The Church must submit a Certificate of Insurance for the church’s new
    entity as required under the Disaffiliation Agreement by November 29, 2022.
    • Total payment due to the Conference under the Disaffiliation Agreement
    must be paid to the Conference by November 29, 2022.
    b. Disaffiliation Payment
    • Phil Howard presented a document, Financing Strategy for Disaffiliation
    • The document outlines 4 options for the funding of the Disaffiliation
    • Pastor Jeff will announce to the congregation that contributions can be made
    towards the Disaffiliation Payment, but no letter will be sent to the
    congregation requesting funds.
  4. Timeline/Action for Joining the Global Methodist Church
    • Mike Womack will put together the necessary documents needed to join the
    • The Task Force will lead the next steps for changes that need to take place and
    will notify staff when these changes need to begin. For now, the staff should
    begin making a list of changes that are aware of, but not move forward with any
  5. Pastor Jeff closed the meeting with prayer.