Leadership Council Minutes- Nov. 27, 2022

Special Meeting of the Leadership Council of
Mt. Auburn Church, Inc.
Members Present: Rev. Jeff Buck, Mark Rich, Mike Womack, Jeff Wright, Valerie Blessing, Kathy
Heistand, John Thompson, Phil Howard, Anne Atzinger, and Rick Allison.
The meeting was held in Pastor Jeff’s office. Council Chair Mark Rich called the meeting to
order at about 10:10 am. He stated that the only item on the agenda for this special meeting is
the approval of a Permanent Endowment Fund Charter for our new legal entity, Mt. Auburn
Church, Inc.
Mike Womack explained the purpose of the proposed new charter is to create a financial
vehicle to receive the funds we will transfer to it from the current Mt. Auburn UMC Endowment
at the Special Called Charge Conference tomorrow night (Nov. 28).
Finance Chair, Jeff Wright, made the following motion:
“I move that the Leadership Council, in our capacity as the Board of Directors of
Mt. Auburn Church, Inc., adopt the Permanent Endowment Charter previously
distributed to the Leadership Council and attached to these minutes for the
purposes stated in the Charter.”
Valerie Blessing seconded the motion.
There was no discussion.
A vote was taken, and the motion passed unanimously.
Mark Rich closed the meeting at approximately 10:15 am.