Leadership Council Minutes- Feb. 27, 2023

Leadership Council Minutes


Members Present: Rick Allison, Anne Atzinger, Valerie Blessing, Phil Brewer, Jeff Buck, Kathy Heistand, Audrey Miller, John Thompson, Melissa Truelove, Mark Weatherman, Jeff Wright, Mike Womack

1. Mike Womack opened the meeting with prayer.

2. Global Methodist Church (GMC) Update

· There are over 60 GMC churches in Indiana and more than 80 clergy.

· Approximately 4-5 churches are joining each month.

· A provisional annual conference is being formed with Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

3. Discussion of the Global Methodist Church (GMC) Social Witness Document

· Mike Womack presented the 2 page Social Witness Document and asked the Leadership Council to familiarize themselves with it and reflect on it.

· The absence of our beliefs on the reality of sin was noted.

· When the convening General Conference of the GMC is announced, any member of a GMC church may petition to make changes to any portion of the Transitional Book of Doctrine and Discipline.

4. Pastor Report

· Five youth will soon be baptized.

· The Sweetheart Dance was a great success and was well attended, including several daycare families.

· On March 26 we will host a team of speakers from Asbury University during the worship services. They have powerful testimony to the recent “Asbury Outpouring” of the Holy Spirit.

5. Discussion of our Sewer Problem and Potential Solutions

· The ongoing sewer issues have continued to worsen since the building expansion in 2009.

· There are two options moving forward to repair the sewer.

a. Option one is to replace the current pressurized line that is 1 inch in diameter with the proper size (to be determined by a competent engineer).

b. Option two is to petition the City of Greenwood to re-attach to their sewer system and dig a new line the shorter distance back into Dye’s Walk sub-division like it used to be.

c. Mike Alexa will take the lead on this project and work with Chris Pittman to explore the options further and petition the City of Greenwood to find out the process and cost associated with option two.

6. Discussion of Strategic Planning (UNSTUCK Consultant) Process

· Townhalls were held to answer questions and get input on the consultant process.

· The relationship with Trafalgar is being considered.

· Three areas were identified to work on for 2023 and Pastor Jeff assigned leaders for each area who will report back on March 27, 2023 from 6:30-8:30pm during the Leadership Council Meeting.

a. Tech and Database

b. Communication Strategy

c. Staffing Structure and Leadership Development

7. Line of Credit Status and Timing

· Jeff Wright received the term sheet from the bank and the cell tower cannot be used as collateral. The terms include a line of credit of $400,000 for 12 months at a half percent above prime secured with church real estate.

· Because this is considered a mortgage on the property it would take both a charge conference vote of 60% in favor and a majority vote of the church members present at a church conference (corporate business meeting) to move forward.

· The Leadership Council agreed not to move forward with the line of credit until there is a real financial need such as a major sewer repair.

8. January Financials

· The Stones Crossing Campus had a net profit of $48,835.17 for the month and the cash flow was up $20,767.

· The Trafalgar Campus had a deficit of $(1,249) for the month and the cash flow was down $(1,372).

· The Daycare had a net profit of $18,206 for the month and the cash flow was up $17,175.

· We received the insurance check of $31,757.72 to repair the damage on the building that occurred on election day, but have not yet deposited the check.

· Cyber Insurance is recommended by our insurance agent and Jeff Wright is getting quotes.

· Jeff Wright, Brenda Reynolds and Mike Alexa are looking into an ERC Grant (government giveaway). They will study it and come back with a proposal for the Leadership Council.

The Council reconvened as the SPRC.