Leadership Council Minutes- April 24, 2023

Leadership Council Minutes


Members Present:  Mike Alexa, Rick Allison, Anne Atzinger, Valerie Blessing, Phil Brewer, Jeff Buck, Kathy Heistand, Phil Howard, Audrey Miller, John Thompson, Melissa Truelove, Mike Womack, Jeff Wright

  1. Mike Womack opened the meeting with prayer.
  2. Discussion of Sewer Problem and Potential Solutions
  3. Mike Alexa gave an update on the ongoing sewer issues.
  4. The pumps continue to be overworked due to clogging and diminished volume in the line. Currently one pump is shut down to eliminate the pumps working against each other.
  5. Chris Pittman is working with Bargersville Utilities as well as obtaining quotes to reroute the sewer line into the manhole behind Stones Bay Condominiums.  The first quote is just under $50,000.
  6. Question was raised about reconsidering the option to tie back into Greenwood Sanitation instead of staying with Bargersville as the distance is a little shorter.
  7. A motion was made by Phil Howard to investigate engineering firms to come up with a comprehensive plan for the best option for a solution to the sewer issues.  John Thompson seconded the motion which passed unanimously.
  8. Discussion of GMC Policy on Congregational Fidelity
  9. Mike Womack presented Section XIII-Congregational Fidelity of the GMC Policy. 
  10. Each month Mike will highlight a section of the GMC Policy.
  11. Pastor’s Report
  12. Pastor Jeff shared the excitement of the youth baptism at the Easter Sunrise Service as well as the other 3 baptisms after Easter.  Two of the baptisms resulted out of the Youth Alpha Program.  There is much happening with the youth!
  13. There will be an infant baptism coming up next Sunday.
  14. Worship attendance is up 11% which is encouraging.
  15. Mike Womack is the treasurer of the GMC Conference and Pastor Jeff is a presiding elder in the GMC.  
  16. March Financial Reports
  17. The Stones Crossing Campus had a deficit of $(16,600) for March and a net profit of $32,000 year-to-date.  The bank account balance fell below the minimum requirement by $11,289 much in part to 3 payrolls this month instead of 2.
  18. The Trafalgar Campus had a deficit of $(941) for March and a deficit of $(4,066) year-to-date.  The bank account balance is $1,494 above the minimum requirement.
  19. The Daycare had a deficit of $(14,944) for March and a net profit of $9,700 year-to-date.  The bank account balance is $56,583 above the minimum requirement.  Grant number #2 has earned $824 in interest and needs to be spent by September.
  20. Other
  21. An approved Eagle Scout project has been cancelled so $1,500 will come back into the Endowment Account.
  22. The church name has officially been updated on the cell tower lease, so a check was cut to the church for the  4 months that was not paid.
  23. Title Insurance will soon be issued as Mike Womack signed the documents and Brenda Reynolds received an invoice.
  24. Jeff Wright made a motion to recommend BCS for our Cyber Insurance with coverage of $1 million limited liability at a cost of $2,500 a year.  Audrey Miller seconded the motion which passed unanimously.