Group Hug Bible Study

The Women’s Wednesday Morning Bible Study begins Wednesday, April 5. “Group Hug” by Christine Tate, The No Homework Women’s Bible Study, is designed to study the Scripture directly from the Bible and strengthen fellowship bonds. 8 Weeks beginning April 5, meeting in the Community Room. The group will be led by Sandy Newcomer and Melody Penish. Meeting time is 9:30-11:00 …

Senior Moments’ Bus Trip

Seniors! Come have a blast exploring Canada on our 8-day trip with guided tours on a motor coach bus! This fun journey will take you through Montreal, Quebec City, and Ottawa.

New Life Group: Discovery Bible Study

A New Life Group will begin right after Easter on Sunday, April 16 using the Bible as our curriculum, no other study books to buy. This was the model of group Bible study that helped launch the Reformation.

Men’s Group

Join the Mount Auburn Men in fellowship and devotional on Tuesdays from 9 am to 11 am year round at Mount Auburn Church in our Community Room (enter door 6).

Weekend to Remember

Whether you’re sending up an SOS for marital rescue or looking to foster an already flourishing connection, Weekend to Remember is your best next step toward being, and staying, one.