Loving Stitches

Loving Stitches is a Ministry that creates prayer shawls and prayer cloths using prayer as we knit or crochet.  They are fashioned for all ages to bring peace, comfort, hope or joy to the recipient.  When completed we say a prayer of blessing, as a group, before they are stored and made ready for delivery.  The shawls and cloths have …

Group Hug Bible Study

The Women’s Wednesday Morning Bible Study begins Wednesday, April 5. “Group Hug” by Christine Tate, The No Homework Women’s Bible Study, is designed to study the Scripture directly from the Bible and strengthen fellowship bonds. 8 Weeks beginning April 5, meeting in the Community Room. The group will be led by Sandy Newcomer and Melody Penish. Meeting time is 9:30-11:00 …

Leadership Council Minutes- Feb. 27, 2023

Leadership Council Minutes 2/27/23 Members Present: Rick Allison, Anne Atzinger, Valerie Blessing, Phil Brewer, Jeff Buck, Kathy Heistand, Audrey Miller, John Thompson, Melissa Truelove, Mark Weatherman, Jeff Wright, Mike Womack 1. Mike Womack opened the meeting with prayer. 2. Global Methodist Church (GMC) Update · There are over 60 GMC churches in Indiana and more than 80 clergy. · Approximately …

Event Child Care

In order to allow parents with young children to attend Bible studies and events at Mount Auburn Church we offer childcare for their children during the event. We need loving adults and students over 14 years of age to babysit children up to age 10.

Toilet Paper Collection

Beginning Sunday, May 7th, Mount Auburn Church will start collecting toilet paper donations for the families who utilize The Lord’s Locker and The Johnson County Interchurch Food Pantry to help meet the needs of their family members. Donations of toilet paper will be collected after second service (around 11:30 am) on the first Sunday of each month. Collection will take …

Habitat Build

Men! Help build a home for Habitat for Humanity on Thursday June 8 from 8:30 am to 3 pm!

Senior Moments’ Bus Trip

Seniors! Come have a blast exploring Canada on our 8-day trip with guided tours on a motor coach bus! This fun journey will take you through Montreal, Quebec City, and Ottawa.