Trafalgar Update – October 27, 2020

When things are good, it’s easy to not to notice.

No one ever says, “I really learned what I was made of while sitting on a sunny beach in the Caribbean” or “The Lord taught me how to depend on Him the day my wife received a clean bill of health from her physician.”  Unfortunately, more often than not, the most character-defining moments of our lives tend to occur through trial or when tragedy strikes.  Receive a cancer diagnosis and you’re suddenly aware of your mortality in a way you weren’t the day before.  Receive a phone call that your father has passed whom you haven’t spoken with in a month and it suddenly hits you that there will be no more conversations with him on this side of eternity.

When everyone is healthy and opportunity abundant, it’s easy to take life for granted.  It’s only after it’s gone when we realize what we really had, and only when it’s jeopardized do we tend to truly appreciate our many blessings. 

This Sunday is All Saint’s Sunday.  All Saint’s Sunday is a day to honor the saints and martyrs who have gone before us who are now with Christ.  Join us as we remember all we have lost with their passing and the hope we have gained in the eternal promises of Christ.

  • All Saints SundayNovember 1st :  If you would like to recognize a Christian now passed, please let me know their name no later than Thursday, October 29th, so that we can have a complete list and candle ready to light in the November 1st worship service.
  • Thanksgiving Sermon Series:  November 1st – 22nd I will be preaching a 4-week sermon series entitled, Thankfulness:  Teaching Gratitude in the Land of Plenty
  • TLC:  Trafalgar Leadership Council:  Our TLC is currently looking for additional leadership.  This group focuses attention on ministry related topics such as:  Worship, Outreach, Children, Discipleship, etc…  We also review campus finances and consider facility usage and maintenance.  Since COVID, ministry has changed and we are praying for direction and ways to move forward in these areas.  If you have a heart for ministry and a desire to see Christ’s influence expand in our community, please contact me to discuss where the Lord may be leading you. 317-965-6644
  • Stones Crossing Day of Service:  Next Saturday, Nov 7th our Stones Crossing Campus will spend the morning working together to bless others.  Please be in prayer about how you can be available to serve this day.    Meet at the Stones Crossing Campus at 8:30am and register here to help:
  • Children’s Ministry:  While we have added a socially distanced Children’s message to each worship service we need to begin thinking of additional ways to reengage our overall ministry to Children.  Be in prayer how you might be a part of this ministry and be willing to take a risk for the cause of Christ. 
  • Friday Prayer Meetings:  To continue to seek the Lord’s guidance four our ministry, we’re going to be praying together every Friday morning in the Community Gardens (if it’s warm enough) at 9:30am.  Everyone is invited to meet together and intentionally pray for our church and seek the direction God is leading our ministry.