Answered Questions – The Story Readings

1. Where did Cain get his wife? Or more simply who did the children of Adam and Eve marry?

Quick answer – Their brothers and sisters/ Nieces and Nephews etc.

Longer Answer – We are all descendants from Adam and Eve. You are correct there are no daughters named, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t any. The Bible almost never names all the children and certainly not all the female children of any of the characters.

DNA studies of the Human Genome confirm we are all descendants from the same parents. In other words, we are not multiple races, but one human race. We are one race and one blood in differing skin shades of brown.

This is an important fact supported by science and the Bible that has continually been objected through-out history, where one people group or another has said no that’s not right. We (Greeks, Germans, Japanese, or some particular skin shading) have said we are a superior race to all you others and therefore should rule. Some other group, because of their ancestry or skin shading, has been told you are inferior and must serve the rest of us or be eliminated. Just in the 20th century alone, this kind of thinking has resulted in the death of millions upon millions of persons. That is sin written large!

The truth is we are all related! We are brothers and sisters, and cousins to one another to varying degrees. Racism has no legs to stand on. We are one blood and one race. It is foolish in the extreme to pick out the folks with red hair to be the superior folks and the ones with white hair to be the inferior ones. We are picking up on minor variations within the complexity of the manifestation of the Human Genome to explain why I should have power over a brother or a sister. The problem isn’t in our ancestry, or our skin shading, or the color of our hair, but within the heart that has failed to understand that we have been created by a loving Father as family to one another.

2. Where did the Ishmaelites and the Midianites come from?

Quick answer – Ishmaelites are descendants of Ishmael the son of Abraham and Hagar (Hagar was the servant of Abraham’s wife Sarah). The Midianites are descendants of Midian the 4th son of Abraham by Keturah.

Longer answer – The Ishmaelites and the Midianites are both people groups which trace their ancestry back to Abraham through a mother other than Sarah. Both people groups were nomadic as had been Abraham following herds of sheep and goats from one pasture area to another. Both groups are also connected with trading as a form of commerce through-out the area of the Middle-East. Both people groups were at times at odds with the descendants of Abraham and Sarah struggling over the possession of the land and with differing worship practices. Both groups would be understood as ancestors to the Arabs of the Middle-East today.