Daily Question: Veiled Face

Day 6 – Veiled Face Sat. – Aug. 31 – The Story pages 69 – 70 Why did Moses put a veil over his face? What gives a glow to your life?

Daily Question: Face to Face

Day 5 – Face to Face  Fri. – Aug. 30 – The Story pages 67 – 68 What does Moses ask for from God? What pleases God?

Daily Question: Idols

Day 4 – Idols  Thurs. – Aug. 29 – The Story pages 64.2 – 67.1 Why are people prone to worship idols? What did you learn about God and people in the story of the Golden Calf?

Daily Question: The Ten Commandments

Day 2 – The Ten Commandments  Tues. – Aug. 27 – The Story pages 61.1 – 62.5 Why are rules necessary? Which of the Commandments is the most challenging to you?

Daily Question: A Holy Nation

Day 1 – A Holy Nation  Mon. – Aug. 26 – The Story pages 59 – 61.1 Why does God want Israel to be a Holy Nation? Why did the people want to keep their distance from God?

Daily Question: God’s Provision in the Desert of Sin

Day 6 – God’s Provision in the Desert of Sin  Sat. – Aug. 24 – The Story pages 55.2 – 57 What are the instructions about gathering of Mana? What are they trying to teach? What is the cause of all the grumbling? What does it say about their relationship with God?

Daily Question: Parting of the Red Sea

Day 5 – Parting of the Red Sea  Fri. – Aug. 23 – The Story pages 52.7 – 55.2 As Israel stops before the Red Sea, what are the instructions that Moses gives? What do you learn about the character of God in the rescue of Israel from Egypt?