Daily Question: The Tempter

Day 3 – The Tempter Wed. – July 31 – The Story pages 5-6 Why does the serpent mix truth with lies? Can you think of examples of this happening today? What all is affected by the disobedience of Adam and Eve? Where do you see mercy in the midst of the Judgement

Leadership Council Minutes – 6/24/2019

Members Present: Rick Allison, Valerie Blessing, Kent Brumbaugh, Jeff Buck, Roger Core, Jeff Fill, Vic Hasler, Marge Patton, Melissa Truelove, and Mike Womack 1. Kent Brumbaugh opened the meeting with prayer. 2. Explanation from Pastor Jeff on the Children & Youth Discipleship Plan The plan is based on the knowledge and experiences that children and youth need from birth to …

Jesus is NOT an Example to be Followed, He is Much More!

Jesus was an amazing teacher, leader, and human being; wouldn’t it have been neat to watch Him up-close-and-personal during those three years of ministry in Israel?  Unfortunately, because He was so influential, many persons today (even atheists!) will admire Him and put Him on a list next to great persons such as Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Teresa, the …

Is God Your Refuge? – Alexis Rasmussen

As we begin this new season exploring The Story, we asked some of our congregation to share their story with us. The first story comes from one of our young adults, Alexis Rasmussen. Is God Your Refuge? Psalm 91 & Romans 8:37-38 How have you seen Psalm 91 play out in your life? When I was in high school, Jesus was …

The Story Overview

Watch The Story Overview to learn information regarding our new series beginning Sunday,  August 4.